Smart transportation is the key factor to improve the smart city concepts and daily life quality of people.

Mobile connectivity and uninterruptency of critical information systems that collect data about vehicles, conditions of traffic are located at the hearth of the transportation strategies.

Hundreds and thousands of transportation vehicles and elements need to be connected to each other and gateways to sustain the smart transportation system.

MOBIoT is the product provides mobile broadband connectivity from field to command control center which is managing the smart transportation strategies.


Mobile Broadband Connectivity


Compact Design

Sensor Connectivity

Mobile Video Transmission


MOBIoT bonds multi GSM operator lines and provide uninterrupted, live, mobile connectivity for transportation vehicles. MOBIoT can even be installed to the poles that doesn’t have internet connection. If you have small and compact MOBIoT device in your transportation vehicle you don’t need extra computer for each of your applications like digital signage monitor and public hotspot.