Security measures in public transport are compulsorily fulfilled by both municipalities and private institutions. Providing professional image transmission for monitoring and security purposes and data tracking over wireless coverage area, MOBIoT offers users the advantages of using more than one GSM line. No more services interrupted by the use of a single sim card and GSM operator! The MOBIoT device, which uses different GSM operator connections in areas where the coverage area differs from the GSM operator, in crowded cities where base stations are intense, can continue uninterrupted video transmission and hotspot internet broadcasting with full performance.
Only the compact MOBIoT device in the public transportation vehicle will allow you to manage all your applications including video transfer from the operation center.
With MOBIoT, in addition to 3 internal GSM modems, you can have a broadband connection by using a total of 6 LTE / 3G bands simultaneously with an external GSM modem that can be plugged over 3 USB ports. While traditional mobile vehicle communication systems include computer systems and terminal units behind a GSM Router device, you can create the entire system in a single device with MOBIoT. You also won’t have to deal with power supply and mounting issues.